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November 2014:

Mumzy and Dadzy got us a fabulous toy - a talking koala! It's the best parrot toy ever - takes 3 triple-A batteries. It's  good thing we've got rechargeable batteries - me and George wear out a set of batteries everyday - that's how much we love playing with "Kenny". Here's a video of me and this fabulously entertaining toy!!



Mumsy's book!  

Flying Over the Rainbow is out of the nest now. We're pleased to say it's being received well both here in Australia and in the US. There's a list of Australian sources below - and for readers in the US, it's available on

In Australia, the book is available  locally at these shops:

Belgrave Book Barn
1630 Burwood Hwy
Belgrave 3160
Ph: (03) 9752 5404

Rainy Day Books
1301 Mountain Highway
The Basin, VIC  3154
Ph: (03) 9762 0862

Mumsy's Blog:

"Still Flying Over the Rainbow"
It's a companion to the book. You'll be able to find out what's happening in our world and tell us what's going on in YOURS! 
New posts every Wednesday

Mumsy's OTHER Blog:

(one wasn't ENOUGH?!?)
"I Quilt, Therefore I Am"  
This is Mum's first blog - it's about quilting, breast cancer, and life in general, but mostly quilting. 
New posts every Wednesday

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