"Saddle Up The Parrot"

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takes a 
and Her Harness

Let's go "bye-bye"!

"Hey, Mom!  A girl can do anything if she has the right outfit!  You just gotta know how to accessorize."
When we adopted Jesse, we purchased one of the Hartman "The Aviator" harnesses - and we began using it right away.  Because she was so young when we started, we really had no trouble using the harness - but if you are starting this with an older bird, your bird may not be as easy to harness train (Hartman's website has excellent instructions and advice for folks starting with older birds).

Later on, when we adopted Laka, we had to take it a lot slower (Laka was not a baby when we adopted her).  But using the instructions on the Aviator DVD, we were able to get Laka to accept her harness in about 2 weeks.

When Jesse saw me taking the harness out, she knew it was "bye-bye" time and she'd get pretty excited.

Jesse knows she's "cool" in her harness.

The red strap part of the harness is attached to an elastic lead that keeps her from being jerked too hard if she suddenly takes off (which she's done once or twice when startled)The lead has a loop at the end that fits on my wrist - so never have to worry about dropping the lead accidentally.


Here are 2 videos filmed on 10/23/2005. 
The harness without the bird (notice: the strap I'm identifying as the "back strap" is slightly longer than the one that sits on the bird's breast).

1) Harness without the bird
(this is a movie 3m file size - it will take a moment to download)

Putting the harness on Jesse.  I think it's worth noting that this was our fourth "take" - and Jesse was getting a little irritated with me because I kept taking the harness off and putting it back on (for the camera) - and because there is half a melon sitting on the counter behind her (and she was more interested in snacking than going outside by the time we did 4 takes...).  As you can see, it doesn't take long to get the harness on - even when the bird isn't 100% cooperative.

2) Saddling Up The Parrot
(this is a movie 4m file size - it will take a moment to download)


I also own a more traditional harness with clips and metal bits.  It's a lot harder to get on the bird, weighs more, and appears to be less comfortable for the bird than The Aviator. 

"There's nothing like having the wind in your... uh... feathers..."