Parrot Christmas Stocking  - - - by Bubba Davies


Hi!  I'm Bubba!
We're all excited about Santa Bird coming to town!  I thought it would be a good idea if we got ready by hanging stockings on the fireplace.  But we looked at the stockings that Mom and Dad have, and they just didn't look right.  Mom told me about some 4-toe'd stockings she'd seen.  We went looking for them at the bird fairs, online, and in the stores, but couldn't find them... so I decided we should make our own. 

First we make a pattern.  We folded a sheet of newspaper in half, and mom cut out a long tube shape with a toe jutting slightly out from the center at the bottom.

I told mom to unfold it for you here so you could see the shape opening up.

This much is for the outside of the foot - but we need to make a pattern for the bottom of the foot.

I had mom fold another sheet of newspaper in half.

Then we tranced just the toes on it.

Here Mom is unfolding the pattern so you can see how it opens up.

I had Mom lay the patterns (opened up) on some felt and trace around them with a felt-tip pen.

I would have done more of this myself, of course, but I have trouble holding these big scissors.

In these pictures, Mom has already attached the bottom of the foot to the front and back of the stockings.

She did that by stitching the toes together, starting at the tip and working up.

Then she sowed all the way up on one side, and opened the stocking up.

Next I had her pin the fluffy white fabric good-side down to the inside of the stocking, and stitch along the top.

Here Mom is showing you the "wrong side" and the stitching (along the bottom of the white fluffy stuff).

Now you just fold the white-fluffy over the top of the red felt. 

The fluffy side of the fabric is now on the outside of the stocking top!

Now Mom can sew up the other side of the stocking, including the white fluffy top.

Here you can see the toes and foot of the stocking.  For a little extra shape, we had Mom insert some bent floral wire (that was Aussie's idea, actually)

Christmas wouldn't be the same without glitter. Pakshi and Forte wanted their names on the stockings, so we had Mom write our names in glue, and then sprinkle glitter over the glue.  Then we let the stockings sit overnight to make sure the glue wouldn't run.

Aussie's so excited, he can't wait.  Here he's helping Dad tap the excess glitter from Pakshi's stocking (this was the morning after Mom put the glue and glitter on)

That's me just over dad's right shoulder, admiring the handiwork.

Aussie helps Mom hang the stockings.!

Mom put shapes the floral wire in the toes to make them flair out. 

Now we're ready for Santa Bird!