Avian Holiday Decorating  - - - by Jessie Davies


I'm Ready - let's get started!

You've got to get them in the right order, Dad

That piece you dropped rolled over this way.

Yup - that one looks good.

Uh, Dad, uh, I think that one goes higher up.

Say, Dad... can we decorate with popcorn?

You gotta admit: we do good work!

How about cranberries?  Could we string cranberries as a decorative trim?

Aussie checks out the candles

Everything looks in place.

Have I been naughty or nice?

Listen, Rudolph... can we make a deal here?

Got the stockings hung.  What's next?

Bubba and Aussie take a break from holiday decorating, and try to steal Dad's breakfast (notice Bubba's foot on the rim of the glass).

 Dad gave Bubba and Aussie their own cup of orange juice - but it doesn't look like Aussie's going to get any. . .