Christmas Cards from Years Past

In 2005 we started making our own Christmas cards using "doctored" photos of our birds.  Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of that first card, but I have ever since.  From 2005-2009 our cards were done using Microsoft Word and are printed on normal business paper.   Starting in 2010 we're using Microsoft Publisher (it's a whole lot easier now...).  

They're not fancy, but it's a fun project and we hope that our friends and family look forward to each year's new design. 

Here's what they've looked like in years past (Cover, inside cover, sentiment page)

Cover Page Inside Front Sentiment Page

2014  (In Development)


From Our Perch to Your Perch

Ready or not, here comes Christmas! 
We're pulling out all of our favorite seasonal decorations.

It wouldn't be "Christmas"
 without our nativity.  A camel! I'll just move him in a little...  


(Uh… note the position of her right foot….  one
second later, she tried to stand up on the camel’s back. It fell over and she went flying—scattering figurines in every direction)


Maybe I’ll stick to decorating the tree. OOO!  I love helping out and we’re
almost ready now!


Our flock sends you and your flock best wishes for a joyous Christmas, with all the trimmings, and for a very
Happy New Year!

Stephen, Liz,
 George, Laka and Captain.



From Our Perch to Your Perch

We’re having a ball preparing
a special Christmas celebration!
We’ll jingle ourselves silly!

“Captain” is considering what his contribution could be...


“I think I should be the Christmas Angel on top of the tree this year.”

“Why Not? All I need is a halo. I’ve already GOT the wings!”


May your Christmas be happy, healthy and may you find your heart has wings!!

With love and wishes for a very
Happy New Year,
from Stephen, Liz,
 George, Laka, Captain and Ruby.




From Our Perch to Your Perch

Let's see...
"O Come, All Ye Faithful"
... yup! I know this one!

I’ll play the left-claw part first. 
Lucky that it’s in my key.


(What’s that you say? You didn’t know
parrots read sheet music?)

Okay, pal.  Stick with me and you’ll be famous!  Just remember: the words are “La-la-la-la”...


May Christmas find you with a simple, but joyful, song in your heart!

With love and wishes for a very
Happy New Year,
from Stephen, Liz,
 George, Laka, Captain and Ruby.




From Our Perch to Your Perch

Unpacking all these decos is hard
 work! Let’s take a break.

Join me for a ‘cuppa’?

These jar lids are tricky...

There — got it!

(It took Laka exactly 30 seconds to figure out how to open that jar)

Help yourself, there’s plenty!



We hope your Christmas celebrations are joyful,
 relaxing, and a little nutty.

And may we all enjoy a very
Happy New Year!



From Our Perch to Your Perch

(Uh oh… Somebody’s been naughty…)


 A Christmas “Who Dunnit?”

It wasn’t me.  I was reading The Age with Dad”


“It wasn’t us.  We were busy shredding – er… fixing Dad’s shoelaces.”
(Ned and Kelly)

“It wasn’t me, either.  I know who it was, but I’m not dobbing her in.”


And so 2009 comes to a close.  We hope

your Christmas celebrations are joyful,
and free from “Axee Dents.”
May you savour all the delights of the season and enjoy a fabulous New Year!    




From Our Perch to Your Perch

…and then there came
 three wise birds from
 the Land Down Under…

...while Lorikeets watched their flocks by night…

“Whoa!  What version of the Bible is Mum reading?”


“Shhhh.!  My part’s next… Hark the Herald Ekkies Sing!..
…La-La  La-La-Laaaaaa…”

2008 went by so FAST!  


We’re preparing a special “Melbourne-style” celebration – and hope that the holidays at your perch will be special, too!



We thank you for the love and  smiles

 you have brought into our lives this year. May the season bring you every joy possible.  




From Our Perch to Your Perch

How come Laka   gets to be Santa?  And poor Blue has to be the reindeer.” 


“Stop whinging, Ned.  Let’s sneak some of Dad’s chardonnay"


“Caught in the Act!  Looks like I’ll be spending the holidays in gaol..”


2007 – another wonderful year. 


We hope the holidays are everything you dream they can be – with family and good friends, happy memories, and lots of sunflower  seeds  to throw on the floor.



With Love…

Stephen, Liz, Laka, Blue, Ned, Kelly, and the wild parrots of Victoria.




(Kelly says she’s learned her lesson and we’re pretty sure 
she’ll be let out of gaol before the holidays.)



From Our Perch to Your Perch


(“Hey!...There’s no chimney on this house…!)



 Our Wishes for a Merry Christmas


““Have you been good this year?”


“Be sure to leave out plenty of seasonal snacks!”

(King Parrot)

“Take some time to  visit with good friends.”

(Crimson Rosella and Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo)


2006 was an amazing year.  As we

see it draw to a close, we want you to

 know that you have filled our lives

with warmth and smiles.  We and our

bird pals here in Australia

wish you the best-ever holiday season. 


We hope you enjoy all the

colours of Christmas, all the music your  

ears can hear, and all the love
your heart can hold.