Emailing the "Rellies" - - - by Bubba Davies

 (A note: Bubba has been emailing some of our friends and family in Australia now for several months.  He's actually had quite a correspondence with Aunt Sheila and her "fid" Bonnie.  Below is a recent sample - please overlook the odd square symbol where the apostrophe should be - Bubba has trouble reaching that key with his right foot.)
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 From:   Bubba Davies <>   


 To:  (the "rellies" down under)
 Date:  Thursday, May 11, 2006 03:29 pm
 Subject:  april

Hi there, everyone out there in cyberspace!


It's me, Bubba, the black-capped conure, an Dad's asked me to rite this month's email cos he claims he's too bizy with, well, I don't know what with, an its getting on fer half-way through May.


Most important news of the month: I had my Fourth Hatchday! See the photo of me. Mind you, I don't need teef like that cos my beaks reely strong?I can snap big almonds in two! In three! Tomorrow I'll go for Four!!


Four! Yep, that's me, Four years old! As you know, I was here before any of the other birdz so I know alot more than they do. They don't believ me but its truu. AA Milne sed "When I was four I was not much more" - but wot would he know? Was he ever Four? I'm Four an I know a lot, I even know wot Mom & Dad say to each other.


An Jesse's now one year old. Yep, just one. That happend a few days after I got to be Four. An Mom has got to be fifty. I know 50's more than Four but human years aren't the same.


Mom spent all her birfday cooking dinner: wild mushroom soup and chipotle wantons, prime rib roast with broccoli, carrots and corn, followed by home-made apple pie. Looked good too, an Mom an Dad an all the six other people stayed in the dining room for hours, but they didn't give me any corn.


April did bring sweet showers, as well as lots of sunshine, which kick-started the garden; the amount of greenery seemed to double each week. There was no snow, unlike last year and, also unlike last year, Mom an Dad are well on top of the weeds and have beaten back an early invasion of dandelions.


They have also started preparing the house for sale: external painting, some internal painting and new garage doors were April's achievements, in addition to several visits to Half-Price Books to sell books, videos and DVDs. The whole world seems to know Jesse will need a new home, there was even overheard talk about it at the Cleveland bird fair, and there have already been expressions of interest in her from people who think they might get a bargain. Mom & Dad reckon she would be a bargain at any price.


One morning Jesse let out a lot of blood-curdling screeches so they even ran downstairs to investigate?and saw a pair of mallards walking across the lawn. The mallards did not seem at all concerned that they had incurred the birds' disapproval sez Dad?but I could tell Jesse was yelling out "hello mallards", even though she'd never seen one in her life before. Wot we were objecting to was that they just walkd into our garden and strolled around without even saying hello. It was no big deal, they weren't going to kick over the BBQ or anything.


Late in the month Mom began working as a volunteer for 2-3 days per week at Hartman's Aviary, where Jesse came from. She says she might breed birds in Austraya. That'd be fun, I'd make a good breeder, whatever it is they do. Mom sed Patsy, who has boarded Jesse when they have been away and who works at the aviary, burst into tears when Mom told her she was unable to take the birds to Austraya! I don't understand?how can I breed if I'm not there?


So long, everywon, may you have a grate May!


Very truly yours,