Pennsylvania Game Commision proposes ban on Nanday Conures


Watching the News:

Like many bird lovers around the world, I kept a close eye on what happened in Pennsylvania last January/February regarding a proposal to make owning nanday conures illegal (quaker parakeets are already illegal and have been for quite a long time)
Local birdlovers quickly organized and their protest succeeded in stopping it!  

Kudos to the TCOPA members in Pennsylvania who went to the game commission in January 2008, educated them and the general public about the facts involved.   

Well done!


As of October, 2008, a good many of the online articles have dropped off the newspaper and organization websites, but these are still available:

The Agenda for the January 29th 2008 meeting of the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PDF format, it's large and will take a bit to download - then go to page 42).  And... posted after that meeting, a statement that they plan to remove the ban on Nanday Conures from the proposed law changes (It's the second-to-last paragraph on the page, so scroll to the bottom) 

TCOPA message board.and a specific member's report about the Jan 27th meeting  The Coalition of Pennsylvania Aviculturists is a Yahoo group formed to build a coordinated protest.  The members who attended the Jan. 27th game commission meeting started posting messages to inform the group of the results.  You'll see the first report at message 191.   

Article on "Lock Haven Express, PA"  website. It includes some of the statements from the TCOPA's expert witness, Dr. Paul Miller - esp. noting the fact that Nanday conures could not survive a PA winter, and therefore could not possibly pose a threat to the environment there.

Video news report from a TV station WFMZ-TV 69News A report on the meeting held with the game commission on Jan. 27th.  It mentions the protesters but does not interview them.  

Video news report from a TV station WFMZ-TV 69News  This report includes interviews with representative of the game commission who states that it's already illegal to have Nanday Conures in Pennsylvania!  She was wrong.  Quaker ("monk") parrots have been banned since 1992, but not Nandays...    Also an interview with a newly-formed group of bird enthusiasts who are planning to protest the proposed law change.

Article on the Pittsburg Tribune-Review website

The website of The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. and their article about the issue.